Burbank: Bob Hope Airport
   Our “Pet Relief Area” is located between terminals A and B. (Outside)

Fresno: Fresno Yosemite International Airport
   We offer a “Pet Relief Area” for Service Animals only… Airline personnel must escort animals to the Secured area. Please ask a personnel member for assistance.

Los Angeles: Los Angeles International Airport
    We offer two “Pet Relief Areas”, in addition to fenced “Pet Parks,” for your usage.

  1. Area located near Terminals #7 and #8. It is at the Southeast end of the Central Terminal Area.
  2. Area is located near Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). It is between TBIT and Terminal #4.
  3. The fenced “Pet Parks” are between terminals #1 and #2, and between Terminals #5 and #6.

 Oakland: Oakland International Airport
   We offer three “Pet Relief Areas” for your convenience.

  1. An area is located outside Terminal #1, near the end of the Jet Blue Ticket Counter.
  2. An area is located outside Terminal #2, near the Baggage Claim Area.
  3. Area is along the grassy strip in front of both terminals, between Curb #4 and the Parking Lots.

 Ontario: LA/Ontario International Airport
   Our Airport offers a fenced “Pet Relief Area” with fresh water, a wooden fire hydrant, brightly painted doghouse, and plastic bags for waste removal. It is the landscaped area along the West end of Terminal #2, next to the Ticketing Lobby.

Palm Springs: Palm Springs Airport
   The “Pet Relief Area” is located near the Alaska gates, past Security.

San Diego: San Diego International Airport
   Our “Pet Relief Area” offers 475 square feet of space to relax/play and enjoy a break. All guides, pets and service animals are welcome to use while waiting for departure. It is located between Terminal #1 and Terminal #2. Please help yourself and enjoy use of our accommodations.

San Francisco: San Francisco International Airport
   At San Francisco International Airport, we offer two “Pet Relief Areas” fully landscaped and fenced in for safety and protection.

  1.  One is located outdoors at Terminal #1 & Courtyard #1 on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level.
  2. The other is located outdoors at Terminal #3 & Courtyard #4 on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level.

 Santa Ana: John Wayne/Orange County Airport
   A “Pet Park” with “Pet Relief Area” is located outside the Arrivals Level, just past the trailer. Please relax and enjoy our facility.

Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara Airport
   We offer a “Pet Relief Area”, for your convenience, located inside our Short Term Parking. Please use caution in the parking area.

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